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plastic has several disadvantages that prevent it from becoming universal building block of modern human civilization, and because of that many governments strictly control its use and create complex law that govern its creation, recycling and environmental impact of waste plastic and chemicals that are used in its creation.

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what it really takes to make a flexible phone smartphones unlocked a bendable screen is nice in the lab, but it will take more than flexi-glass to get your phone to touch its toes.

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advantages and disadvantages of using plastic. since the beginning, plastic allowed innumerable advances in our industry and way of our living. produced as a light, chemically resistant, durable, and easy to produce, it was a flawless building material for numerous articles which are not only used by normal users in their daily activities but

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latest trends in plastic surgery. 1 / 13. back image liposuction was 3 on the list of most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, up 5 percent since 2013.

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the word plastic originally meant pliable and strong. plastic is a polymer, a word that means 'made of many parts.' each type of plastic is made up of different ingredients, including some found naturally in nature, like fossil fuels. it's these ingredients that give the polymer its flexibility, strength and other properties.

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the use of plastic products has increased significantly in the recent past, with many enterprises joining the industry and many more varieties of plastics being made. firms consider plastics easier and cheaper to manufacture as compared to other materials -- such as metals and stones -- because they're produced

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plastic containers are mainly used for food and storage and for home organization. there are advantages and disadvantages to using plastic in your home. depending on the task, plastic may or may not be the best option. advantages of plastic include durability and cost.

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10 most popular plastic surgery procedures. nobody's perfect, but americans seem to have a love affair with trying to get that way, especially with the help of a doctor's knife. we wanted to find

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the center for media literacy has a list of articles such as 'how tv works' and 'idols in the marketplace' that can teach you before you talk to your children about some of the deceptive ways of

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are there disadvantages to plastic containers for pickling several outbreaks of botulism have occurred in the native alaskan population since they switched from traditional fermentation methods hole in the ground to plastic food containers.

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the matte plastic and solid feel reminded me a lot of the recent nintendo 2ds xl handheld. no detachable joy-cons means the sides of the switch lite don't flex or creak as much, either.