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team germany. one of the most impressive homes of the competition was the entrant from team germany, which won the competition two years ago. the two-story structure has siding covered in thin

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dutch lap siding which is also known as cove lap and german lap and simply pattern '105' by wwpa western wood products association is distinguished by its curved 'reveal' or channel between the installed boards. from a distance it gives a slightly rustic 'log' impression.

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kiln dried southern yellow pine “mill seconds” german lap siding boards aka “pattern 105, 105 siding” priced by the linear foot : 1x6 lap siding 45¢/linear foot 1x8 lap siding 50¢/linear foot sold out available in various lengths. please call or text for length availability.

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bipartisan bill introduced to ban sale of us tech to huawei and zte. us lawmakers introduce bipartisan bill that, if passed, would ban the export of us chips and other components to the two

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'angry' san bernardino families back fbi on iphone hack. microsoft founder bill gates is siding against apple - and many other technology companies germany and hong kong.

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pattern 105, dutch lap, german lap, drop siding or cove lap siding. it's known by all of these names, but the profile is the same. comes in 3/4' thick x 6 3/8' a profile , 7 1/8' b profile or 7 3/4' c profile tall. our profile number is tw628 and comes in 3 different sizes. yellow pine siding. cypress siding.

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your home is your equity- what exactly are you saving it for? you need to impress people fast, not in twenty years it’s only a risk if you get into money troubles or the economy changes, which doesn’t seem likely we know living in the suburbs is a constant competition, where you’re defined by your lawn and your siding.

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apple v. samsung timeline: the guide to what's happening. legal jargon aside, what is actually going on in the high-profile apple v. samsung case, and how did it start?