plastic between subfloor and joist span

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run cable more efficiently with these tips. determine if you need to have conduit or wire-tray installed for the cabling or if you can get by with free-span cabling. plenum-rated cable has

subfloor question about vapor barrier terry love

subfloor question about vapor barrier. discussion in 'remodel forum and blog' started by the house is on a clspace. subfloor is 1x4 layed diagonally over joists. there is a plastic vapor barrier then 3/4' particleboard. is the plastic between sbfloor and underlayment correct? should i take out plastic so i can glue down plywood and

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re: subfloor - plywood panels between joists retired engineer, how did i know you had too much time on your hands.. ok john, the pleasure meeting you is all yours. now put down the calculator, vernier caliper and step away slowly. you have 2x6's 16 oc with a span of 4' and 3/4' ply panels between the joists.

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install midspan joist blocking with glue and nails. i-joist floors often require blocking panels in the middle of the span. any movement between the joists and the blocks can cause noise. if blocks are being used, apply construction adhesive to the i-joist flanges where the blocking panels meet, and then toe-screw the flanges together.

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the thickness of plywood panels in a subfloor is regulated by the spacing of the joists. this number is known as a span rating. when installing a plywood subfloor on top of the slab at grade, the

cl space plastic can vapor barrier go on floor joists

in this video, michael discusses why we don't recommend attaching vapor barrier to the floor joists in the cl space. it can actually cause you more problems *disclaimer - thank you for