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deck officers in the merchant marines, also known as mates, supervise able seamen and oversee maintenance on board ship. they assume the duties of captain when they stand watch, charting the course of the vessel and maintaining a ship's log. the merchant marine operates on both inland waterways and overseas,

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cruise ship sinks near greece; 2 missing. her other child was up on deck and was evacuated safely.' the merchant marine ministry said 1,195 passengers and 391 crew members were on board.

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according to the u.s. merchant marine academy usmma , u.s. cargo ships carry 85 percent of the commodities necessary for the nation’s industry and defense. usmma prepares students to serve as deck and engineering officers on u.s. registered deep water cargo and passenger vessels. the starting salary for a

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warshipedia: get to know america's fighting ships they have ship companies of 66 officers, and marine detachments of 1,687 troops. they're used to protect other warships and merchant

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memories of the fall of son. but stayed on the deck because there were so many others down below. the ship was somewhere south of conson island. we then boarded a marine merchant ships

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get to know about bachelor of science in marine transportation course for deck officers in philippines which is a merchant marine deck officer program. those who wish to have a nautical officer career at sea can apply in following colleges for studying the above said course.

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deck officers perform the work for masters on ships when they are on watch, marine officer job: like determining the course and speed of the vessel, maneuver to avoid hazards, and monitor the vessels position all the time using charts and navigational aids.

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this video explains the salary structure of a merchant navy officer on various types of ship. gas carriers , oil tankers , bulk carriers , container ships, offshore vessels etc. music by = https