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rather than meticulously scour the internet message boards for insights we decided to lean on our customer’s experience. we asked purchasing managers for many of the boat builders what they considered to be the premier high-end decking material available today. the answer was quick and clear coosa composite boards.

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what is a coosa panel? does the panel need to support an impact load? how is the board installed? rigid bonded at the edges or free floating? all of these factors and more need to be taken into consideration before a decision can be made on thickness, glass loading and density. for instance, boat builders pay a team of engineers to take all

coosa board coosa composite board boat outfitters

coosa board is high density polyurethane foam with reinforced layers of fiberglass. the result is a material equally or superior in rigidity at a fraction of the weight of plywood. it is truly the premier decking and transom material in the marine industry. there is a reason that boat builders put 'certified coosa board' decals on their transom

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the boating forum - pro's and cons of coosa composities - i just recieved a few samples of 3/4' coosa bluewater 26. the stuff looks pretty good to me, lighter than marine ply, water has no effect on it and it does not compress. i am thinking of this for my formula 223 project boat. i know the cost is 3 times that

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coosa bluewater and nautical lightweight composite panels meet the most demanding requirements of marine applications pleasure craft and commercial and military vessels.. major boat manufacturers around the world use coosa composites for structural and aesthetic components for yachts down to bass boats.

coosa board coosa composites boat decking material

coosa board is not uv stabilized. with time, the boards will change color when exposed to sunlight. we recommend that coosa board be either glassed over, carpeted over, or painted with a latex or enamel paint.

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lightweight composite plastic honeycomb panels comparison to plywood for boat repair. foaming the deck of the sea ray with 2 part foam. replacing a rotted transom with coosa board - boat