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lumber liquidators accused of misleading consumers about formaldehyde levels in new suita 60 minutes investigation reported in march excessive levels of formaldehyde were found in laminate

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moisture and laminate flooring: the basics. the wood materials in the laminate flooring expand and contract with moisture. humidity is one of the ways that moisture can be introduced into your flooring. the amount of moisture in the air can cause your laminate to change widths.

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laminate provides a durable flooring solution for any room, giving a homeowner an inexpensive alternative to traditional stone, ceramic or Seven Trust floors, while still creating the same look. while most laminate floors can last decades with the proper maintenance, sometimes problems develop. how to fix bubbles in laminate flooring by larry

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the shark rocket is a lightweight, corded, in-hand vacuum. the handheld portion, which weighs 4.2 pounds, includes the bin, the primary motor, and the power cord.

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i think that some times of flooring are much easier to clean than others and it is appropriate to keep some areas, which are easy to clean, shoe-friendly, but as some described above, i wouldn't want people's dirty shoes to be in areas where i might want to sit on the floor, like in a bedroom or family room -- plus, those are more intimate

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i installed laminate floors in my house with a pad underneath it and every time the floor gets something spilled on it or the dog pees on it the floor seems to blister like particle board does when it gets wet. i was wondering if there is a way that i can seal the floors so i don't have pull up my floors and replace them with something more durable.

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laminate flooring problems range from simple blemishes to serious manufacturing defects. often these concerns are so similar in appearance that it takes a knowledgeable flooring expert to determine if it is manufacturing, site related or of other cause.