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mosquito spray the paul harvey way; we'll see - duration: 6:48. mity mouse 109,230 views. 6:48. best mosquito repellent - actual in the field battle off with deet vs. cutter's lemon eucalyptus -

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mosquito yard spray to try. i hate being bit by so many mosquitos mosquito yard spray: cheap mouthwash, 3 c epsom salt, 3 cans of stale, cheap beer. mix until salt is dissolved. spray anywhere you sit outside, won't harm plants. mosquitoes gone for approx. from paul harvey segment years ago.

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clay is a good story that shows the origin of the character in a quite interesting way. happens when harvey is still the district attorney, so before eye of the beholder. entire paul dini's

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paul harvey’s no more mosquitoes -- complete pet safe yard treatment spray . we’ve used this mixture for the last 3 years and it actually works. feel free to spray it liberally as it’s safe for wildlife and plants. ready to make your own? we’ll see. i have no complaints about this post because….i’m not looking for something to

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this was offered over 20 yrs ago, on the paul harvey radio show. it works great and for a long time ..i'm not saying heavy rains won't require a re-application, but it does work for quite awhile. if you are pulling weeks, just put listerine in a hand sprayer and spray ahead of where you are working, you can watch them move

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paul harvey diy recipe: homemade mosquito yard spray. this recipe of paul harvey has been used for about 20 years by the most homeowners in the usa. it really works. homemade mosquito yard spray is intended for outdoor application and keeps mosquitoes away for about 2-3 months.