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there's a big difference in quality between solid composite decking and hollow boards. take a look at the body of your deck board: if the centre of the board is hollow, your deck may not last long.

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looks like there's a gathering over to the west, too, but first explore due north, up the center of town. on the northwest side of the market plaza is a blank bulletin board. north again, and the notice board here provides something to read hmm, a rumor . past the board, turn left and speak with the sentry.

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so, just go along with it over the waterfall. in this next room, you'll find a strange creature, a parella. it will get scared of you and flee. follow it grab the amber relic from the ground on the way and, in the tunnel, it will go through a hole in the boards. start to swim and shake the nunchuk to spin through the boards.

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sometimes it's just all too much. for those whose hearts are just a few sizes too small, we've got the right thing in our prickle me cactus. nothing says the holidays like picking barbed spines out of tender fingertips, so why not deck your halls with this merry reminder that there's a little humbug in all of us. please approach with caution.'

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solid composite boards are strong and durable: while hollow composite deck boards can last a long time, solid composite deck boards are also durable. some of the cons of solid composite boards include their weight and their tendency to expand, contract or warp in extreme weather conditions, which can loosen fasteners around the joists.