disadvantages of tongue and groove joint

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by fated xtasy september 24, 2017 12 jaden ducked under the red blade at the last moment and it cut a deep groove in the wall, causing a shower of sparks. he had bit his tongue. he lay on

joining boards with tongue and groove joinery

after verifying that all of the tongue and groove joints fit to your satisfaction, it's time for some assembly. apply a thin layer of glue to all edges of the first groove before sliding the tongue into place. immediately clean off any glue that squeezes out of the joint, to prevent any finishing issues later on.

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tongue-and-groove t and g joints form sturdy, interlocking connections with lots of glue surface area for all sorts of woodworking applications: cabinet door joints, self-aligning shelf edging, web or face frames and even carcass assembly. there are diy applications for this joint too, such as v-groove wainscot or wood flooring.

how to make a tongue-and-groove joint

the tongue-and-groove joint consists of a centered tongue on one workpiece that fits into a matching dado or groove in another workpiece. their interlocking geometry, combined with lots of surface area for glue, makes tongue-and-groove joints good choices for assembling cabinet doors or face frames, installing wood shelf stiffeners or for use in practically any frame and panel application you

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specialty tongue-and-groove bits make easy work of creating the joints, but they can be a bit expensive. if you don’t have the budget for those bits, a simple strht flute bit can be used to cut a tongue-and-groove joint. the same bit can be used to cut both pieces of the joint. cut the groove first.

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here is the latest installment of the join it series in this episode i show you how to make simple tongue and groove joinery using two different methods to accomplish the same goal.