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how to adjust a butt hinge on a upvc door

how to adjust a butt hinge on a upvc door. june 03rd 2015 0 comments. door hinges come in all different shapes and sizes, some have a large degree of adjustment whilst others have very little. sometimes it is necessary to adjust a door either because the door has dropped or a gap has formed allowing a draught and potentially water to get in.

how to adjust a upvc door and hinges to stop draughts

our guide tells you how to adjust a upvc door to stop draughts or stop it catching on the floor. our diagrams show you how to adjust upvc door hinges and explain the difference between a butt hinge, t hinge and a flag hinge so you can get a perfect fitting upvc door.

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butt hinges: usually a feature of older upvc doors, these offer either lateral adjustment only or no adjustments at all. if you have a butt hinge and need to adjust the height, you may need to reinstall your door. how to adjust upvc door hinges tools you will need. allen wrenches hex keys

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upvc door butt hinge adjustment fail .pics included

upvc door butt hinge adjustment fail .pics included hi, i'm having trouble adjusting my upvc door which rubs very slightly on the plastic wedge at the bottom of the door. i believe the hinges are the butt hinge type, they do have a small allen key on the inside of the hinge when the door is open but doesn't seem to do anything when i adjust it.

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these butt hinges on my upvc conservatory door are proving difficult to adjust as i don't have the right tool. i *think* i need a long 5mm hex socket to reach down inside the the outer casing to