does vinyl plank have hollow sound

do your floors sound hollow when installed?

do your floors sound hollow when installed? not if the subfloor is properly prepped. the main reason a floor sounds hollow is when the plank bridges a valley or dip in the subfloor, thus creating an air pocket. a hollow sound when walking on floors is much more common with laminate flooring than it is with vinyl flooring.

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the sound happens when a plank becomes loose and the nail rubs against the subfloor. if you have access to your floors from underneath, driving screws into the loose planks will usually solve the problem. hollow sound when you walk across boards.

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thank you for your inquiry other than carpet, the best option to use in this case would be cork. cork has sound reduction properties in the actual cork material so it will be the quietest. you can also look at using laminate or luxury vinyl plank and just add an underlay that has sound-dampening properties.

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hollow sounding laminate floors what will help?

the consistent dislike is that the laminate floor sound hollow and loud. this characteristic is due to the floating application used to install the laminate floors. we have try to combat this dislike and help find happy solutions. here are somethings to consider when you purchase your next laminate flooring.

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installing floating vinyl planks in several rooms. just finished dining room and i hear that 'hollow-type sound' i've read other people mention, particularly when i'm barefooted. i'm wondering if i can glue it down in the other rooms, or does this sound go away with time. thanks for any input.

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