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arcwall rainscreen wall systems. metalwërks’ legendary arcwall systems combine a high design freedom with outstanding performance. arcwall panels face and returns are formed entirely from a single sheet of metal plate. corner seams are welded and meticulously ground smooth to a seamless monolithic appearance.

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rain screen. what is rainscreen? the rainscreen principle is a method for controlling rain penetration through a wall cladding system. panels are attached to a fastening system that allows for expansion and contraction. this ensures equalization of air pressure that enables moisture to escape, improving the overall energy efficiency of the

differences between rainscreen walls and cavity walls

differences between rainscreen walls and cavity walls. in other words, high-power applications that previously required corded tools can now be tackled using flexvolt cordless tools. rainscreen wall systems have been in our industry for a long time. they have stood the test of time, function as intended, offer particular aesthetics to a

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a rainscreen drainage plane is a separation between the veneer and the weather resistant barrier of a rainscreen. it provides predictable, unobstructed path drainage for liquid moisture to drain from a high point of the wall where it enters to a low point of the wall where it exits the wall detail.

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vintago is the new through-colored fiber cement panel with a sanded surface now available through cladding corp. the mineral materials of the high-quality fiber cement combined with a unique, sanded surface gives vintago a natural authentic, lively and memorable look.

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high-performance wall system is not only critical to protecting your invest-ment, but also allowing your facility to perform at optimum levels. a rainscreen wall system is the ideal way to provide an attractive, long-lasting, high-performance wall system. what is a rainscreen? rainscreens are time tested wall systems that have been in use

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search results for rainscreen. fasteners for rainscreen exterior wall cladding systems ejot rainscreen fasteners have been designed, manufactured and globally proven. manufacturer: ejot. luxyclad is a high performance siding and soffit system using architectural grade extruded aluminum with state of the art powder coating and sublimation

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