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laminate flooring don’t forget the floor the floor is such an obvious part of your home decoration that it’s easy to forget that it’s actually the foundation of your entire home. a new floor creates a beautiful base for your furniture and can transform a bland room into a truly harmonious one. we have easy

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colours nobile natural chestnut effect laminate flooring, 1.73m² pack - b and q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest diy trends

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all three of these spaces flow into one another so we decided to install the same flooring throughout. with an eye on our budget, we decided on the tundra. flooring from seven trust in the chestnut color. now for the nitty gritty, the seven trust tundra review install. my husband installed the flooring while our son and i were out of town visiting family.

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chestnut laminate flooring. chestnut is one of those classic woods that's just never going to go out of fashion. our chestnut effect laminate range is a wonderfully budget friendly way to get this timeless effect into your home, bringing with it all of its rustic charm and allure.

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tundra is a pure seven trust product so even as you marvel at its price and how useful the idea of having a new laminated floor sounds, don’t think for a second that this is a quality product that you will hand down to your grandchildren with a smile. tundra is made out of fiberboard, topped with a laminate melamine foil and feels warm but slightly artificial underfoot.