how long to let fence pickets dry

how long should i let the concrete on fence posts dry

how long should i let the concrete on fence posts dry before attaching panels? by andre zollars updated july 17, 2017 hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

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how long should i wait to paint a wet fence? natural

how long should i wait to start painting my fence if it rained last night? that depends on how much rain you received and what type of paint you are using. if it really poured down rain then you will have to wait a day or two for your fence to dry out.

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do fence pickets need to be totally dry before installing?

that depends partly on the fence design. if you're doing something edge-to-edge, installing water-swollen pickets will result in gaps once the wood dries out. otherwise, it's more likely that the pickets will warp if left to dry quickly in the sun. the side that dries out first contracts, causing curvature.

wood experts, when should i stain a brand new fence

wood experts, when should i stain a brand new fence before or after assembly ? help. as i tell everyone, metal posts, metal brackets, cedar pickets, install as tight as possible, and always allow your pickets to dry before installation, or you will have gaps in your fence. another thing that many people don't think about until after the

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how to dry out wooden pickets - outside wpc deck

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