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the full sundeck packages from fenceforpontoons.com includes two comer pads and a rectangle center pad. the stem entry sundeck uses the same pads except it only has one comer pad for the left rear of the pontoon boat. the following instructions are for installing those pads. your regular sundeck comes with the following parts.

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from pop up changing room/sun lounge to pontoon boat sun deck lounge everythingpontoon had it about us pontoon boat measurement guide free design service faq customer service directions testimonials. everythingpontoon.com

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our sundeck pad is a three piece pad, the center cushion is held in place with four plastic clips that clip on to the inside of each sundeck u. the outer curved cushions lift up with provided hinges and struts for storage.

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the sundeck fence pieces are stand alone pieces of fence that are fully enclosed. two sundeck u pieces are used to make a full sundeck or a combination of one sundeck u and a gate can be used for stern entry sundecks. we also have a three piece sundeck pad available or you can make your own sundeck pad with some plywood and carpet.

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clipper 3 piece pontoon boat sun deck pad kit

clipper 3 piece pontoon boat sun deck pad kit - model sh13. quiet pontoon engine noise with a properly placed pontoon sun deck. located at the stern just above the pontoon boat engine, your clipper 3 piece pontoon boat sun deck pad kit lets you relax and hear your first mate at the same time.