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wpc wood plastic composite decking is a new type of composites made by mixed natural fiber bamboo/wood powder with plastic hdpe and other chemical additives.

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first generation composite decking: composite decking’s reputation for slipperiness comes in large part from the first generation of the material. these products tended to absorb moisture easily, making them easy to slip on. water absorption also led to lots of problems with mold and moss, taking the slippery factor up a few notches.

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i have just laid 50sq mtrs of red cedar decking and have read the feed with interest. if i use the barrettine wood preserver and want it to be non slip do i need to use the osmo decking oil first before applying the osmo non slip oil.

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cleverdeck composite timber decking boards come with a standard groove on both edges and are designed to be installed with the futurewood concealed fix deck clip system for an extremely fast money saving and completely concealed fix giving your composite timber deck an added touch of class.

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i installed them on the steps leading from my deck to the grass below. . installed these to prevent future mishapps. grip sure non slip decking the blog of gripsure.co.uk sep 26, 2011 non-slip decking and boards are built with a unique blend of resin and high safety and appearance as well as usability keeping future costs down.

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