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split-rail fencing — also known as post-and-rail fencing — adds a rustic look to a landscape. use this type of fence to define specific areas in your yard or provide an easily visible separation along property lines. the horizontal rails are available either split or round in lengths from 8 to 11 feet.

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9 types of fences. not all fences are created equal. do you know the difference between the most popular types of fencing for your yard? here are 9 fencing types you should know if you're considering an installation or replacement.

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if you don't want to eat the old chickens, it's kind of dumb to keep them in the back garden. of course chicken keeping may attract a certain kind of militant vegetarian, the kind that sets up chicken shelters for these dumbest of critters, but that's their problem. as for ms. clouse, $300 to keep a chicken?

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tips for preparing your vegetable garden this summer. may 13, 2013 at 7:00 am of your yard with good soil that is close to a water source. store or plant nursery and find out which type of

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contoured or stepped fences: if your yard is sloped, you can choose between a contoured or stepped fence. the rails of a contoured fence follow the slope of the ground while a stepped fence features fence posts that run downhill in a series of steps, so that the slope of each subsequent post drops accordingly.

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the best fence for your home. a new fence around a home can provide instant privacy as well as make a yard both safe and secure for children and pets. also, determine what type of fence