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vankatwijk is quoting prices of around $10 per square foot of deck area for the drainage system only. herbert usually figures $25 to $30 per square foot, which includes the drainage system and a stained tongue-and-groove pine ceiling below, but not any electrical work or the removal and reinstallation of decking on an existing home.

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4. select a reference of a roof drain size with hourly rainfall together with the roof area square footage you have estimated and then determine from the chart below how many roof drains you require. example: each 4' drain size in a 6' hourly rainfall area will accommodate drainage of 3,070 sq. ft. of roof area.

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great value at an affordable price - some deck drainage systems could cost you up to $8.00 retail per square foot. you can get a high-quality product on the market for about half that cost. once you find the product that meets all of your criteria, look at the price per square foot to find one that offers the best quality and value for the

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8' prom-deck drain with heel-proof grate z161 3' x 10' oblique scupper drain z160 135 scupper drain pictorial index z163 15' diameter combination main roof and overflow drain inches sq. in. total square footage covered per drain 2 3.14 2,880 1,920 1,440 1,150 960 720 575 480 410 360

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