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advice on vinyl wood click lock planks discussion in 'vinyl flooring q and a' started by prvolunteer, aug 22, 2014. we have gone from porcelain to groutable vinyl and now we are close to choosing a vinyl wood plank.. we bought a box of designer image platinum from menards 3 mil wearlayer / $2.89 sq ft polyurethane not ceramic bead and have

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the designer's image platinum click lock series is a top-of-the-line luxury vinyl floor plank that is a very inexpensive alternative to solid wood, engineered wood, and laminated plank with many important advantages. click lock planks are 100% waterproof and can be installed anywhere in a home. they are ideal for kitchens, basements, and bathrooms and other damp areas. the state of the art

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it is more expensive than traditional best vinyl plank flooring, but a lot less expensive than using Seven Trust or stone. drab and boring as you conger up images of that click vinyl flooring of

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but first, here's how you get to the top. jump across to a piece of floor in the middle, like the one you jumped from but it's on the other wall. go across to the other floor opposite it and use the columns to get to the top of the one on the far right so you can get onto the ledge, then swing on the bar to a high ledge.

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designer’s image vinyl plank flooring hicksville, ohio. move over, wood laminate flooring this vinyl plank flooring is the wave of the future, and it looks great in the near future, this type of flooring will replace the old wood laminate flooring. why?

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menards and designer image vinyl lock floor problem-$4000 plus. menards — menards and designer image vinyl lock floor problem-$4000 plus. 1. b barry122 review updated: jan 26, 2019. i am or was considering purchasing designers image click lock plus vinyl plank at menards. wonder if the product is better now ???? any advice??? reply.

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