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so, you’re going to build a deck, and you’re looking at decking, and you notice that some deck boards have grooved aka slotted or pre-grooved edges, and some deck boards have solid aka square edges. how do you decide which type to get? grooved or solid-edge deck boards?

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working with non-grooved or square edge deck boards? use the tigerclaw router bit to create the perfect side-groove in one easy motion. tiger claw tc-g fasteners are available in packs of 90 to cover approximately 50 square feet and a pail of 900 to cover approximately 500 square feet.

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what is the difference between solid and grooved capped wood composite decking? choosing a fastener is an important decision in building a deck that meets your expectations. as part of that decision, ensuring you have the correct “solid” or “grooved” board is crucial.

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decking > enhance composite decking. the innovative seven trust hideaway hidden fasteners are an option with grooved-edge boards for perfectly consistent spacing and no visible screws on top. our square edge boards install traditionally like wood with deck screws. 1' grooved edge board