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most thermally modified decking is now prefinished and sealed prior to delivery. according to mckay, the surface weathering didn’t impact the structural integrity of the decking; in fact, the boards showed no signs of decay, checking, or movement. but after being pressure-washed, sanded, and refinished, the boards quickly turned gray again.

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thermally modified wood decking may be the first truly green lumber resource that performs better and costs less than the alternative wood species and substitute products developed to replace wood. the cambia thermal modification process uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve the durability of the wood as well as to increase

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thermory is the union of science and design. thermally modified real wood products with unequalled durability and stunning beauty. click to learn more

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the thermal camera system at the meadow avenue crossing can detect the difference between a person, animal or vehicle along the tracks and send a signal to 911.

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thermory benchmark ash decking is beautiful, but we know you know that’s not enough. that’s why it’s also exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable, and it’s easy to install. you get the deep, rich color you want from a natural wood deck, the rot resistance you need, and unlike many tropical woods, benchmark ash is easy on your tools.

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americana thermally modified wood decking choices matter. americana is the choice with a great story you can tell. we are a new generation of thermally modified pennsylvania ash decking, transformed by heat and steam, for long-lasting beauty in your outdoor living spaces.

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the chinese government has shutdown the city of wuhan for outbound travelers leaving the city due to the spread of the coronavirus, according to state-run media.

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the skiff is mounted with a tribeam cannon, which is capable of firing powerful charged shots. however, the cannon itself is unprotected and can be easily overloaded. this modified version of the atc has sacrificed durability for speed, and often employs hit-and-run tactics.

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one looks normal. the other has been modified in a way that is a bit unsettling. go into the other half of the hangar. touch the robot. you hear the woman from earlier talking to the robot. she asks if it wants structure gel. there's a loud crash. go back to the door. the modified robot has broken out of the machine hangar.