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what to know about vinyl decking diy

vinyl decking has one clear disadvantage versus wood decking: it's not made of wood. so in terms of look and feel, it's different—that much is certain. constructed from either hollow or solid pieces of pvc, vinyl decks can, however, be made to resemble natural wood especially the solid pieces .

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composite decking myths debunked

we debunk some common myths about composite wood plastic. very often we hear myths about composite wood plastic from stockists and consumers. immediately whenever anybody hears “plastic” they have visions of cheap pvc decking that is ugly, likely to break and a nightmare to install.

the problems with composite decking - youtube

composite decking is not something i like to use and this video shows why it is doesn't hold up like other materials. composite decking is not something i like to use and this video shows why it

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debunking the most common myths about decking materials

one thing to look at specifically is the decking material. should you opt for natural or composite decking? though it seems like a minor detail, your choice will affect how the deck looks and functions. in this blog post, we will look at some of the most common myths about decking materials.

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debunking myths about composite decks

decking can take quite a beating from constant exposure to the rain and sun. wood is a poor choice if you want something that will look good and last long with little maintenance, so most people are choosing composite decking material.

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many years after the appearance on the market and extensive usage of composite decking, their lots of myths about this material. we will try to debunk the main myths about composite decking. composite decks: debunking myths. myth 1: composite deck is maintenance free. myth 2: man-made materials are much better than wood.