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ships may also call decks by common names, or especially on cruise ships may invent fanciful and romantic names for a specific deck or area of that specific ship, such as the lido deck of the princess cruises' love boat.

what are the major parts of a ship? with pictures

the hull is the most visible part of a ship, because it is the body of the watercraft. the hull makes the ship buoyant while providing shelter to those on board, and is divided by bulkheads and decks, depending on its size. bulkheads are compartments which run across the ship from side to side, creating isolated areas, while decks are analogous to the floors of a house.

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ex-quarterdeck ceo finds new home. gaston bastiaens, former chief executive of quarterdeck, lands the presidency of lernout and hauspie speech products, a speech technology developer.

2,000 year old 'computer' discovered: how tech and

2,000 year old 'computer' discovered: how tech and shipwrecks are rewriting human history and quarterdeck were all still identifiable, and although the upper deck had been ruptured by ice, the

10 types of decks every seafarer should know

a ship has a number of different types of decks which are located at different levels and places on the ship. needless to say, every seafarer working on a ship should be aware of these decks. moreover, as there are various names to a generalised concept, it’s necessary for sailors to understand what each deck name and interpretation entails. 1.

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quarterdeck enters disk partition market. quarterdeck yesterday took the wrappers off partition-it, its long awaited disk partitioning utility.

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quarterdeck webcompass 2.0 to be free download in uk. quarterdeck will delay shipping a second retail release of its webcompass internet search software, instead pushing free downloads of the

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it seems more like deck names are similar within a cruiseline, rather than across lines. most princess ships have a caribe deck, plaza deck, etc., and celebrity ships all have similar deck names panorama, entertainment, resort . the ones you mentioned, promenade and lido, are quite common across many lines though.

uss abraham lincoln returns home after 10 months at sea

the crew of the uss abraham lincoln is back home after being at sea for 10 months. they sacrificed so much during that time and so did their families.

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other decks you might find on a ship include the upper deck, lower deck, promenade deck, flush deck, weather deck, bridge deck, quarter deck and poop deck. the upper deck is on top of the hull of the ship, while the lower deck is either the same as the main deck, or just beneath it, depending on the type of ship.