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insulating floors: what insulation do i need

insulating floors is often trickier than insulating other areas of your home. the ground floor beneath a house is generally warmer than the air around it, and so it would perhaps be third on your list of priorities behind walls and roofs . however, it makes sense to consider retrofitting, particularly if you have a suspended timber floor.

new group to take on languishing downtown sacramento

the plan is to build a 200-door hotel with 250 apartments building that also has ground floor retail, according to a release from skk developments. the new group looking to develop the area

building the u.s. army's m1a2 abrams tank pictures - cnet

rolls of tank tracks sit on the floor alongside the abrams assembly line. the tanks are moved into a separate building, known as 'test and accept.' building the u.s. army's m1a2 abrams

a guide to ground floor extensions - resi

02: why choose a ground floor extension? there are many ways to expand your home, but who can resist the classic that is the ground floor extension? ground floor extensions have a wonderful ability to transform the spaces you use most, such as the kitchen and living area.

n.y. chinatown fire kills two - cbs news

an extension cord sparked a blaze that tore through an apartment building in manhattan's chinatown tuesday, killing two people and sending others leaping from windows to escape the flames, the

ground floor extension, picton 32 degrees building

- trent and julianne ground floor extension, picton the team were very friendly and respectful of multiple people still living in the house. the quality and workmanship we have received is definitely reflective of the price and i would definitely use 32 degrees building again and happily refer them to others seeking an addition to their home.

building regulations: flooring extensions planning portal

if the floor is a ground floor, provide resistance to: ground moisture; and; heat loss thermal insulation there are three general types of ground floor construction: solid floor. a typical way of constructing a solid floor would be to provide a base of hardcore with sand blinding, with a layer of concrete over that.

nearmap eyes 'reality-as-a-service' with 3d mapping

nearmap eyes 'reality-as-a-service' with 3d mapping technology. the australian-listed aerial imagery company will be giving businesses access to 3d models of what's on the ground with a new 3d

building an extension 3 - suspended beam and block floor

in part 3 of skill builder's series following an extension build it's time for the suspended beam and block flooring. generally speaking, there are two options for constructing ground floors. you

report: no definitive cause to oakland ghost ship fire

report: no definitive cause to oakland ghost ship fire of power-taps and extension cords throughout the building plus two breaker panels. in the northwest corner of the ground floor of the

up close with google's mystery barge pictures - cnet

on the northeast corner of the structure, one of the shipping containers bends down from the second floor and hits the ground floor. covered up by some sort of tarp, this is likely a main entryway