repairing scratched laminate floors

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actually, it's amazing what my formica counters will put up with, and how much i can fix with a magic sponge. so i either need to retrain myself a hopeless task or look for something really sturdy. but thanks for the link - this is helpful stuff i'm definitely going for real linoleum when i redo the floors. anne

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laminate flooring is by far one of the most durable types of flooring on the market, but that does not mean it has no threats. between moisture, sharp objects and improper installation, you may start to notice small or large imperfections with your laminate flooring. not to worry, repairing laminate floors can generally be a diy fix.

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the villager will fix it with any spare materials he has. a small portion of the resources required to build that unit will be used. of course, the more damaged it is, the more it costs to repair it to full strength. the sad thing is that even gold may have to be used when you have to fix siege weapons and other battleships.

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granite countertops? by evie oct 7, 2006 4:03am pdt as many of you may recall, one of the victims of our little water catastrophe last winter was the laminate countertop.

how to remove scratches and scrapes on laminate flooring

the key to a successful repair of a scratch or scrape on laminate flooring is matching the color of the floor. whenever possible, contact the manufacturer of the flooring to get your repair kit

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laminate flooring is an attractive, durable kind of flooring made to withstand stains, fading and dents. it’s a great choice for households with children and pets and comes in a variety of styles, textures and colors. if any problems come up, such as water damage or scratches, or if laminate boards lift or buckle, you can often fix them yourself.

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Seven Trust floor in kitchen - cookware - page 3 - chowhound. have had Seven Trust flooring in the last 3 houses i've lived in. by far the best flooring to have in a kitchen, imho. laminate has that weird 'click-clack' sound to it when you walk on

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how to repair laminate floor scratches. laminate flooring is very scratch-resistant, but even the toughest floorboards need a touch-up now and then. scratches can occur when you move heavy furniture or drop items on the floor. shallow

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how to fix scratches on laminate flooring: floor putty. step 1: take a piece of your laminate flooring and go to your local diy store to buy a repair kit that matches its color. choose the best kit that you can afford, especially if the scratch is deep. step 2: use a putty knife to fill the scratches on laminate flooring with the paste. we