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exploring southern white orchard devil by the well part 1 return to the village of white orchard, sell, repair, dismantle equipment as necessary. our next goal is to explore the areas south and south-east of the village. since the quest 'devil by the well' also occurs down there well, we might as well tackle that, too. to start this quest

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our round posts are carefully milled and graded visually to have less bark and fewer blemishes. after milling, our posts are allowed to 'season' until dry. once the post is dry, it is treated with mca or cca for “in ground” use and ready for shipment. posts are southern yellow pine.

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southern pine lumber company is one of the largest suppliers of marine pilings, foundation poles, utility poles, fence posts and barn poles in florida. we have over 100 sizes and lengths available along with a variety of treatment retentions and chemical preservatives.

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follow this freeway/road into a tunnel and when you come out on the other side take notice of the two light post on the median of this freeway/road on your left. go between those two light post facing towards the water in a southwest direction and drive strht to the water's edge. get out of the car and dive into the water in front of you.

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untreated pine poles . doug gillespie. posts: 77. the yellow tends to be highly resinous and resists rot better than white pine varieties. in the early days, it was used for masts on ships, log homes, and railroad ties. and charring is excellent for fence posts, which are easily replaced. but a building should always last a lifetime

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compare pine vs cedar fencing costs . most of the pine used to build fences is southern yellow pine that has been treated with chemical preservatives to prevent weather and insect damage, rotting and fungus. so it is rarely used for fence posts. author: ashley smith. find wood fence companies who will compete for your business .