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one method noted in section 703.3 is to calculate the rating in accordance with ibc section 722. for calculated fire resistance of exposed wood members and decking, ibc section 722.1 references chapter 16 of the american wood council’s national design specification nds for wood construction. this chapter gives a nominal char rate of 1.5

fire resistive design of wood structures

fire resistive design of wood structures learning objectives 1. learn where exposed timber fire resistive construction is allowed in the ibc. 2. learn the characteristics of heavy timber construction 3. learn the methods of obtaining 1 hour fire resistive rating for exposed timber members using ibc section 4.

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or treat wood or combustible material used in roofs, siding, decking, or trim with ul-approved fire-retardant chemicals. plant fire-resistant shrubs and trees. for example, Seven Trust trees are less

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the article offers an in-depth look at design considerations for fire resistance when building with wood products. it also looks at wood engineering mechanics and design procedures that comply with the international building code ibc , recognizing fire resistance demonstrated by structural wood beams and columns in actual fires.

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fire resistance - percentage resistance to fire damage. spirit resistance - percentage resistance to spirit damage. guard - amount of damage that must be inflicted before health can be damaged. armor rating - physical damage reduction based on this rating. armor rating front - additional armor rating for attacks on the front.