paper mill sludge plastic composite

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characteristics of paper mill sludge and its utilization

de-inking paper sludge dps and primary sludge ps containing 20% secondary sludge from a paper mill were characterized as to their suitability for the manufacture of medium density fiberboard. com-pared with dps, ps had a lower ash content, higher holocellulose content, more and longer fibers, lower ph, and higher buffering capacity.

sludge characteristics and disposal alternatives for the

waste handling is a concern in all pulp and paper mills. it is especially important in mills where secondary fiber is used. sludge composition, separation, treatment, and disposal methods need to be addressed. this paper explores the compo-sition of sludge resulting from the pulp and papermaking

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the paper reduction act reduces garbage levels in the city by calling attention to the vast amount of paper wasted in the normal course of running a business. it requires all production managers to file a fifty-page report whenever paper usage at their business or factory exceeds, by ten percent or more, the previous month's levels.

waste paper mill sludge - the national academies press

46 background waste paper mill sludge is the byproduct of the paper produc- tion process. the major byproducts from the pulp and paper waste stream are bird and talberth 2008 : â ¢ waste water treatment plant wwtp residuals â ¢ boiler and furnace ash â ¢ causticizing residuals.

pdf recent advances in paper mill sludge management

determination of sludge composition based on paper and pulp is problematic because it depends on several factors such as process, grade of the paper product manufactured, and method used in

organic composition of a pulp and paper mill sludge

the organic composition of a primary pulp and paper mill sludge pms was determined by carbon-13 cross polarization nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with magic angle spinning 13c cp mas nmr , fourier-transformed infrared spectroscopy ftir , and chemical extraction methods. spectroscopic studies showed that the pms consisted of cellulose type i, which is present in ordinary pulp, with

pulp mill wastewater: characteristics and treatment

sixty to seventy-five per cent of all the biological effluent treatment plants within the pulp and paper industry use this kind of treatment system. this chapter reviews the current pulping technologies at mills and compares the chemical composition and biological treatment of wastewater between softwood and Seven Trust bleached pulps.

design considerations for pulp and paper-mill sludge landfills

----- list of tables number page 1 primary sludge production associated with paper manufacturing 65 2 'normal' sludge composition 65 3 physical characteristics of sludges originating in high ash sludge landfills 66 k fibre classification for selected high ash sludges 66 5 analysis of leachate quality 67 6 trace elements contained in paper-mill