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the weight behind a wall can very dramatically with soil and site. soils have different angles of repose, which is the angle they will naturally slope to without a wall. a wall at the bottom of a slope has far more pressure on it than a wall retaining a level grade above. there can also be ‘live’ loads such as cars driving above the wall.

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the soils used below and behind the wall are a critical part of the total wall structure. a reinforced retaining wall contains three basic building materials - the retaining wall blocks, the geogrid reinforcement, and the infill soils surrounding the geogrid layers.. soils. understanding the property and characteristics of soils is key to building better walls.

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retaining wall design: the thrust from the backing which tends to overturn the wall or causes it to slide is considered as the deciding factor in the selec. ϕ = angle of repose of the soil. b total horizontal pressure p at a depth of h meter per meter length of the wall is given by the following formula:

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introduction retaining wall is used to retain earth or other material in vertical or nearly vertical position at locations where an abrupt change in ground level occurs prevent the retained earth from assuming its natural angle of repose