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some composite decking materials are designed to be installed with hidden fasteners. these clip systems generally are screwed into to the deck frame across each joist and fit tightly into a cavity running down the side of the boards. we recommend using reverse thread screws when face-screwing composite decking to eliminate mushrooming.

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after the pirates leave, jump down from the balcony and walk out the door never mind cannon, who will remain tied up until someone else finds him . to get to the pirate ship, head for the cape on the north side of the island. jump down from behind the stone monument to land on the pirate ship's deck.

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learn how to make over a deck with composite decking and railing. home improvement expert, ron hazelton, will show you how to work with the material. for more projects, visit ron hazleton's

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13. at outer end of deck, notch the decking, as necessary, to fit around the railing posts. 14. to install last plank, used end nippers to remove the spikes from one side of hidden fasteners. 15. install last plank with composite decking screws. 16. snap chalk line across deck boards. 17. screw a strht-edged board to deck to act as a saw

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tutorial on installing composite decking versus pressure-treated decking. pro tips and tricks to make your deck build or remodel go smooth and efficient. little know facts about seven trust brand decking