fix post of the deck on concrete retaining wall

how to attach wood posts / railing to concrete with

attaching wood posts to concrete using a simpson strong tie e-z base 'fence post base' . how to attach wood posts / railing to concrete with simpson strong tie e-z base how to build a deck

how to repair a crumbling concrete wall? diy projects

to fix the vertical cracks in your retaining wall, the first step is to clean the cracks and ensure there’s no loose concrete in-between the opening. step by step: use a wire brush check on amazon to brush both ends of the walls and then try a vacuum pump to suck out all debris in between the crack.

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finders fixers episodes tv guide. the case of the sliding house august 8, 2007 august 8, 2007. a yard, deck and house are sliding downhill due to erosion under the deck, retaining wall failure, a hot-tub drain problem and clogged

swollen river threatens santa cruz beach boardwalk cbs

heavy rain has pushed the san lorenzo river dangerously close to the retaining wall of the santa cruz beach boardwalk, officials said thursday.

ask this old house - season 17, episode 15: stucco repair

watch ask this old house - season 17, episode 15 - stucco repair, gas dryer: mark travels to san diego to repair a crack in a concrete retaining wall with a stucco finish; tom explains how air comp

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this element of the construction would run parallel to and over the retaining wall, and it would carry all of the loads and stresses of the i-beam wall, the pan deck with concrete, and the wind loads on a 6-foot-tall tempered-glass enclosure, which would act as the required guardrail and as a wind block. retaining-wall repair

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the rear deck and side deck meet near the retaining wall. three 4 x 4's were utilized at this area for support. movement has occurred, thus front post is not plumb. seems to be improper for a deck post to rest on a retaining wall. the third picture shows buckled siding where it appears that settlement and/or movement of the retaining wall has applied pressure to the wood trim.

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because the retaining wall was to be such a visible part of the project, they wanted it to have the look of natural stone. i ended up designing the retaining wall much like the basement of a house, with a poured concrete footing and a stacked block wall. the blocks would then be covered by a cultured stone veneer.

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an interlocking concrete block wall will have a 'geogrid' pinned into the wall over other course. these systems usually travel as far back as the wall is high, so if you plan to dig in these areas you will have problems. building a deck around a series of retaining walls can definitely present some problems. under no circumstances should you