different types of metal decking

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four standard types: b deck, f deck, n deck, and a deck, in 1-1/2” to 3” depths and a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes. installed directly over structural steel, corrugated steel roof deck serves as the structural substrate in roof construction and provides a solid work surface for the installation of insulation, weatherproofing, and roofing materials.

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learn about the different types of decking material

metal decking could be the right way to go when considering an upper-level deck. metal decking material is manufactured in several colors and it is best when installed over large spans. metal decking forms an interlocking surface creating a watertight surface ideal on upper-level decks.

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there are two types of galvanized metal decking. galvanized g60 metal deck g60 is a specification for hot dip galvanizing. it means that there will be .6 oz total weight of zinc per square foot. g60 is the most common type of galvanized metal decking. it is used on more than 90 percent of metal deck jobs that are specified as galvanized.

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type “a” roof deck is a 1 1/2' deep, narrow rib, structural metal roof deck section that provides a wide support surface for various types of roofing materials, and thinner rigid insulation. roof deck products act alone in transferring horizontal and vertical loads into the building frame, and do not work compositely with other building

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