pool deck material that does not get hot

burns from hot pavement, cars are up due to heat wave

burns from hot pavement, cars are up due to heat wave always wear shoes or sandals when walking on pavement or pool decks, since a short period of contact can lead to a second-degree burn

when play equipment is too hot to handle - cbs news

when play equipment is too hot to handle. koeppen added on 'the early show' that safety advocates say that playground equipment can be made with materials that don't get so hot. they would

how to choose pool deck and patio materials

the material must be safe and not become slippery when wet. make sure the decking material isn't coarse, bumpy, or uneven. choose a heat-reflective material to keep the surface cooler on hot days—think about bare feet select a material that blends well with other paved or hardscaped areas in your yard.

homes: what you can buy for $700,000 - cbs news

homes: what you can buy for $700,000. by ilyce glink two decks, a fireplace, a finished 'bonus room' with a wet bar in the basement and a two-car garage. the home has a pool, hot tub and

best pool patio material to avoid burning your feet

exotic hardwoods are becoming more popular as a pool decking material for those who prefer a natural look. wood retains less heat than concrete and can be textured so as not to be slippery. be aware that wood does require a high degree of maintenance in order to keep it in good shape.

five deck surfaces that won't burn your feet

when you are selecting material for a deck, you will want to consider how hot the material you are purchasing will be. on a hot summer day, you just might burn your feet without shoes. having a deck that is uncomfortable on your feet can be quite inconvenient especially if you have a pool and plan on walking on the deck while using the pool.

homes: what you can buy for $800,000 - cbs news

homes: what you can buy for $800,000. by ilyce glink room, eat-in kitchen, built-in shelving and access to the building's pools, hot tubs, gym, bike storage, tennis court and clubhouse

kool deck - the genuine cool surface for your concrete.

many of the sales schticks will conflate the surface texture with coolness - do not be confused. while there is some benefit to a true 'keystone' kool deck finish, there's just not enough height in a less-than-sixteenth inch surface to provide less surface area for foot pressure with a polymer spray decking.

the pool calculator - chemistry, volume, and effects for

the effects calculator calculates the impact adding a specific amount of chemical has on your pool chemistry. it does this not only for the primary purpose of the chemical, but also on the other