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gravity retaining wall design software

state of the art retaining wall analysis software. reconwall 4.0 is a powerful tool for use by wall design engineers. built with the engineer in mind, reconwall is not a “black box”. rather, support for the calculations is provided and a comprehensive help menu and design theory is a part of the package provided by recon.

retaining wall types, materials, economy, and applications

gravity retaining wall depends on its self weight only to resist lateral earth pressure. commonly, gravity retaining wall is massive because it requires significant gravity load to counter act soil pressure. sliding, overturning, and bearing forces shall be taken into consideration while this type of retaining wall structure is designed.

what is the design procedure for gravity retaining wall

overview of retaining walls: gravity walls depend upon bulk weight for stability, as opposed to a cantilevered retaining wall fixed to a foundation. some of the many types of gravity retaining walls were described in chapter 1. most gravity retain

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design principles for gravity retaining walls soil

the design principles of gravity retaining walls are discussed below: 1. stability against overturning: the wall must be safe against overturning. overturning is caused by the horizontal component of the resultant active earth pressure, p a, in the form of an overturning moment, σm o, about the toe of the wall.

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