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contact california deck company to get answers to your questions about desert crete or other deck coatings. just call 949 374-2628 and get a free, no obligation estimate. tags: deck coatings , desert crete , waterproof deck coatings

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how much does it cost to use kool deck?

associated costs. according to mortex, kool deck takes one day to install. though you can install kool deck on your own, the home improvement show 'rosie on the house' says the process is far more difficult than installing an acrylic coating. if you opt to use a concrete installer, the price per square foot may rise as much as $5.

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desert crete decking system the complete decking system for your exterior walkways, balconies, and roof decks. it is a class a fire retardant, top of the line, decking system. desert flex deck restoration systemgreat for restoring walkways, balconies, and roof decks that have existing deck systems that need repairs.

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6 tiny homes you can build with no training. but not everyone who wants to downsize into a tiny home knows how to build their own cabinets or install a roof. and the cost of all three

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desert crete decking system description desert crete decking system is a fire-retardant walking deck and roof covering system.when installed as specified, the system may be used as a walking surface for most types of exterior floors, decks and stairs that are common installation of system 1. metal lathing

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bill leys, the deck expert, installs desert crete decking presents this 10 minute video of bill leys, owner of central coast waterproofing, installing his favorite metal lath deck system-desert crete. desert crete from hill brothers is the

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