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figure a: what a retaining wall retains. a retaining wall needs to retain all the material that fills the space between itself and the failure plane—the steepest angle at which existing soil can hold itself together before caving in.

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his heart sank a little as the traps below sprang into life, and he heard also the mechanical ticking that signified a timed switch. this would take speed and precision. he ran to the first rotating sword at the bottom of the slope and hugged the outside wall, choosing his moment to dash past the steadily swiping blade.

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slope protection/facing is not considered a retaining wall if limit equilibrium slope stability calculations show the slope is stable with and without the protection/facing. the stability of the facing must be assesse d as failure may have an adverse impact on downslope areas.

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civil engineering calculations such as pipe flow, channel flow, vertical curve, tangents, traverse, area calculations, etc. are all made easy with this easy to use tool.

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enemies send flying away this way will be destroyed regardless of life when they hit the solid floor/wall. the direction and angle of which they are sent flying will depend on the direction of zero's attack and the angle the attack hits the enemies. 2 spark balls will travel along the ground/slopes away from zero in seperate directions.

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you will find the area behind the van has a pain box with a void gem in it. this area is a dead end other than that treat, so head back. next find the other wall with a hole at the top the one to the right of the van and building . this one is just out of jumping range. you can jump up there if you angle it just right, but it is hard to do.

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loads and forces acting on retaining wall and their calculations. free body of lateral forces acting on retaining wall. the coulomb method of lateral earth pressure calculation. this equation takes backfill slope, friction angle at wall face, rupture plan angle, and internal friction angle into consideration: