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the drains in my champion have the rubber covers in the water and ping pong balls at the floor drain. they still let water in when i slow down fast or have people in the back. i bought pvc plumbing ball valves and put them in the hoses. now i can close them when keeping the deck dry is a concern and still use them when needed.

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boat scuppers are an important part of allowing the water on deck and in your cockpit to escape overboard in addition to keeping debris from clogging your hose. conversely, boat drain plugs are important in keeping water out of your boat, while still allowing you to remove the drain to empty standing water as needed especially in dinghies.

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leave some for yourself, don't go too broke. go into the control room and grab the al bhed primer vol. v 5 which is laying in the middle of the floor. go up and go to the front of the boat to hear the luca goers talking to yuna. after that go to the top part of the boat, and listen to what lulu and wakka are arguing about.

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head north on the boat you can and will be attacked on the boat but don't worry, papas is here and pick up the elven medicine, which can be used to restore magic points. again, if you want to level up, do so but when you're ready to continue, sail the boat back into the prison area you saw earlier.