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how to attach a patio or verandah to a house 1st option: 0:00 attached below original gutter on fascia 2nd option: 1:07 remove original gutter, attach hig

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how to attach a pergola to a fascia

step 1: attach a header board to the fascia. the existing fascia board may be strong enough to hold the pergola but it is easier to reinforce the fascia by attaching a 2 x 8 header board to it. drill holes into the header board and fascia board and attach, using the 3/8-inch lag bolts and washers.

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pergola lattice installation. the alumawood pergola lattice covers attach directly to your homes fascia board, fascia board does need to be at least two inches thick, the rafters are available in two heights, 6 1/2' and 8', most kits are 6 1/2' and you need to verify there is enough room for the rafters to attach to your fascia board. for fascia boards that are not plumb strht up and down

how to attach a pergola to a fascia

a pergola is an overhang that can be used as a deck shelter or serve as a decorative and functional garden structure.attaching a pergola to your home’s fascia board secures it to the home, giving it more stability. this project can be done alone or with assistance and requires a minimal level of construction skills

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attach the cut 2-by-8-inch lumber to the outside of the fascia board, using heavy-duty lag screws and washers. the lag screws should be long enough to sink through the fascia board, fascia header and 2 inches into the roof rafters. having an attachment point at every roof rafter will create a stronger attachment.