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cleaning sticky wooden banisters with murphy's oil soap is easier than i thought. here are instructions on how to clean staircase railing and how to clean grime off wooden banisters. there is nothing worse than having sticky wood on your railings and wooden banisters.

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start from the roof and work down. build something to get you up there, then put a starting floor where you want the stair to come down. when you attach the second stair to the bottom to finish it, the second stair will clip into the ground, giving you a stairway with perfect height.

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wood railings can be cleaned with ease if you know the right products to use. while there are several retail cleaning products available for purchase, these can be expensive items that are priced too high for our budgets. instead, consider making your own homemade wood cleaner that will clean wood railings without breaking the bank.

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to restore the shine and protect the wood from drying out, put a few drops of olive or vegetable oil onto a clean cloth. go over the entire railing you’ve just cleaned. for a moderate cleaning job, perform the following steps. be sure to first dust the railing with a duster or soft cleaning cloth.

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effective? february 16, 2010 / 8:39 am / cbs if you're trying to protect your family from the toxins contained in some cleaners, 'all-natural' products seem like the way to go.

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latest helpers for snow and ice removal. but also pushing, scraping and cleaning snow and ice. the new ergonomic design features a multi-handle grip that allows for homeowners to more

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