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if 6x6 posts were used, i doubt i'd raise an eyebrow at any deck lower than 16 feet. beyond these heights, i'd likely request engineering, and steel posts would probably be the better choice. in fact, my concern probably wouldn't be that 6x6 posts would buckle, but rather that's a pretty tall deck to not have been engineered, period.

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build a 24-foot beam made of doubled 2 x 12 boards on top of the row of posts parallel to the house. attach beams to the tops of the posts using adjustable post caps. this beam serves as the header joist because joists will be attached to its inner face. the two rim joists are also beams on this deck because of the future remodeling.

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c . post at end joist when an interior post is attached to an end joist, transfer its load back into the floor system with two sets of double blocks. install one block alongside the post and between the end joist and first inboard joist, and the next tight between the post and the first inboard joist.

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in those instances, the post should be attached to the joists, not the rim, because the rim is not usually fastened to the joists in a manner capable of transferring the load. rims are typically nailed into the ends of the joists, the weakest possible connection for withdal resistance. there’s more to consider than just the post-to-deck