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home technology details nerdc cost effective housing technology : nerdc introduced alternative methods for wall construction 1 slip form wall seamless cast insitu walls a cement and quarry dust b cement and soil

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the slip form technology is an alternative wall construction method, introduced to the sri lankan construction industry in 1980, instead of burnt clay brick walls or cement sand block walls. the conventional slip form wall construction technology was commenced by the national engineering

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walls are made with mixture of laterite soil and cement compressed in a steel mould slip form which was introduced by dr. a.n. s. kulasinghe. the mould is placed in between two columns erected at junctions of walls made out of cement stabilized compressed bricks cseb which are manufactured as per the newly established sri lanka standards.

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walls: stabilised soil in-situ formed walling introduction walls constructed using this technology has proven to be stronger than the traditional 9” brick walls and more comfortable as the soil wall acts as an insulator. the walls are built between two cement stabilised soil block columns using a slip-form mould.

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structural performance of composite walls made out c jayasinghe department of civil engineering, university of moratuwa, sri lanka. wmcdj fonseka department of civil engineering, university of moratuwa, sri lanka. ym abeygunawardhene wall panels were cast using steel slip form moulds. the