composition acoustic wall covering

composition wall covering autex fdb acoustics

available in over 40 colours, composition is an acoustic wall covering that is ideal for large scale projects and feature walls. the versatility of composition makes it a great option for any space, existing or new, as it can be cut to any size as well as to accommodate for any wall furnishings.

composition acoustics autex acoustics

an acoustic and decorative wall fabric, autex composition is the simple choice for managing echo and creating a durable interior solution for education, commercial and hospitality sectors.

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composition 12mm thick - 25m long roll - elite insulation

autex composition acoustic wall covering - 12mm thick, 38 different colour options. available in 25m long rolls, 10 working days lead time. the fabric is 12mm thick and 1.22m wide and priced per 25m long roll. the fabric surface is velcro receptive hook and loop receptive and thick enough to also be used as a pinboard.

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acoustic fabric - composition - buildtec acoustics

composition is a 10-12mm thick decorative acoustic wall covering. available as a roll 1.22m wide and up to 25m long, it also comes in a selection of attractive colours. composition has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of reverberated sound within noisy rooms.